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201 E. Erie St Kent, OH 44240
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D: 330-678-1277

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The Kent office offers a unique experience as being a part of the exciting newly renovated Downtown area. This location allows us to partake in the many festivals and activities available. We have built out a brand new facility where we share the space with a local fine art group.

Our talented and well trained Realtors and support staff work well together as a team to encourage each other. Their camaraderie flows into their commitment to the community and the Real Estate industry. If you are open to Integrity, guidance and support, we can't wait for you to join our dynamic team!

Dave Tasker

REALTOR® 330-603-4426

Carol Lutz

REALTOR® 330-221-0643

Sabrina Gierke

REALTOR® 330-842-3279

Carol Foote

REALTOR® 330-618-8977

Michelle Walker

REALTOR® 330-322-3307

Steve Burgess

REALTOR® 330-327-3393

Sue Massara

REALTOR® 330-807-4497

Sarah Plaso

REALTOR® 330-958-3377

Gary Weisend

REALTOR® 330-807-4214

Janet Dauber

REALTOR® 330-437-5454

Debbie Davison

REALTOR® 330-608-3806

Kellie Kapusta

REALTOR® 330-388-9905

Valerie Evans Coontz

REALTOR® 330-519-5010

Becky Kline

REALTOR® 330-281-3254

Shirley Chimento

Office Manager | REALTOR® 330-677-2099

Fred Kunar

REALTOR® 330-360-6850

Debbie Smeiles

REALTOR® 330-715-5457

Shirley Chimento

Office Manager | REALTOR® 330-677-2099

Deb Endres

Closing Officer 330-677-2098

Jeannine Lawler

Office Admin 330-677-2088